The Wizard’s Apprentice

Written on April 13, 2012 at 3:14 pm, by michael

“The Wizard! ‘Tis the Wizard come to the feast!
Why camest thou Wizard – and what dost thou seek
In our humble village? We wish no trouble with thee.
Thy pardon, O Mage, pray, let us be!”

Nary a word did he speak to that fear held crowd.
Straight through trembling throng to square’s center he strode;
Gazing on one and all. Strange silence echoed loud.
Every head present succumbed and bowed.

“What welcome is this?” queried the Wizard.
“Wherein lies the basis for thy fright and thy fears?
Why do you weep and for what reason shed tears?
Look upon me! Hear the learning of my years.

“Hearken! To me thine absolute attention.
So shall ye learn of this, my visit’s intention.
Lose now thy hunger for Harvest’s Celebration.
Heed well my words; know thy destruction!”

Chill wind on all hearts blew; chilled to the bone.
Each soul gathered did hear that cruel wind’s song
As it moved and it moaned amongst people and stone.
It chilled every heart – yea, chilled to the bone.

The Sun, in fear, hid his face from the day.
Black night, descended. Hope faltered and then changed
To Despair; forever transformed to Utter Dismay.
Dreading to hear, yet bereft of escape.

Again that evil wind blew and chilled to the bone.
As it moved and it moaned amongst people and stone.
No bird left singing. Time, its courses had flown.
These are the words that the Wizard then spoke.

“Ye discern me a Wizard, and well that you should.
I am the Maker of Kings who spill, greedily your blood.
Master of burning heat and like burning cold,
The Ancient! In Hell’s fires have I stood.

“I have viewed this world from atop the mountains.
I have rocked and shaken it upon its foundations.
I have stopped rivers and enslaved nations.
See now my power’s manifestation.”

A great trembling shook all the earth. A trembling
Greater still, possesed each and all of that doomed assembly.
We fell to our knees in great quaking, dissembling.
Begging, pleading – “Show us thy mercy!”

The evil one lauged a laugh empty of mirth.
Lightning seared heaven, scorched black the earth,
Illuminating our faces held by thirst
For release from coming demon’s birth.

“I am the Grande Vizier of field, stream and wood.
Crossroads, river, darkest night – their sway, my hood.
When shadows blur distinction of evil and good,
The Time Between Times feeds my blood.

“The elements are mine to wield as I choose.
My power is great! Greatest! Hear me you fools.
No one can withstand, or my will refuse.
Hear me O people – My name is Rule!”

So again did death’s foul wind begin to blow
As it moved and it moaned amongst people and stone
And chilled every heart, froze every soul.
That tainted wind from hell’s outcast own.

Then did he raise his staff on high to the sky.
Held in both hands, o’er his head, thus his cry:
“I have come this day, an apprentice to find.
Of each now gathered, your souls to try.

“There is one among you, my pupil shall be.
And I shall teach him from your chains to be free.
He will learn of my powers and you will see,
Of Evil’s Tree, I am but the seed.

“For he shall be lord over all the world
Though all of hell’s fury against him be hurled.
He shall be hated, despised and spurned.
But he shall stand, and your hopes be furled.

“Why must it be as I now tell you it will?
What reason give I for this coming work of evil?
So I once was from this village on the hill
And followed the wizard by my will.

“With good intentions did I leave my glad home
To walk with that wise one, apart and alone.
To learn of his wisdom, to carry a tome
Back to my small village of stone.

“But ye despised me. With haste, sent me away.
Not pausing to listen to what I might say.
I vowed then you would all curse the day
Of your births. For my help ye said ‘nay.'”

Flaming fire encircled that host, rooting all
To the places we stood, waiting death stroke’s fall.
The Wizard on us gazed with eyes fey and bale.
Piercing the souls of all in the vale.

His power ’round him coalesced like a cloak.
The earth still trembled, dying in fire and in smoke.
And still the wind whistled, caused all to choke,
And froze every heart, chilled every soul.

“I have returned to select my successor.
To choose from among you death’s predecessor;
To be the vessel of power’s possessor.
Through him my revenge soon shall appear.

“Thus shall your hearts’ destruction be manifest:
He will come, well taught by me, twenty years hence.
He will laugh at your plight, t’will be no defense.
Then shall this scourge on the earth be cleansed.

“He cannot refuse me, his heart will I know.
My power shall draw him and rule over his soul.
He shall do my bidding as it was his own.
You cannot escape me – feel my control!

“Now, my speech has ended. Enough have I said.
It is time to choose who shall stand in my stead.
Fear ravages your faces, I taste your dread.
In terror shall you live until then.”

A wave of his hand, total silence ensued.
No wind, nor fire; not a voice. A quiet tomb.
In the midst, a vile demon stood
And he laughed as our souls were consumed.

“Whom shall it be? Whose son shall I now choose?
One well liked? Or another that ye despise and abuse?
By the Sun, the Stars, their goddess the Moon,
As my apprentice, I choose… you!